Subject: RE: win32 buid issue 2

RE: win32 buid issue 2

From: Grubsky Grigory <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 04:03:54 +0400

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To: libssh2 development
Subject: RE: win32 buid issue 2

>On Thu, 3 Jun 2010, Grubsky Grigory wrote:
>> I talk about daily snapshots and release tarballs. I can not to see the git
>> tree right now, there may be the opposite. There are several configurations
>> in libssh2.dsp: LIB Debug, LIB Release, DLL Debug etc. I think people just
>> forgot to delete old files from git.
>Right, the libssh2.dsp thing is generated by maketgz when it builds a release
>tarball. See the $(DSP) magic in the in the root dir for a hint
>on how it is made.

Yes, yesterday I nevertheless looked it.
Do I understand correctly that these are two identical but independent things: separate libssh2.dsp and tuple libssh2.dsw with libssh2_lib.dsw, libssh2_dll.dsw and tests.dsp?
If yes then I think one libssh2.dsp is more kosher than two libssh2_XXX.dsp.
Is there any news about using of CMake in libssh2?

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