Subject: Re: win32 buid issue 2

Re: win32 buid issue 2

From: Guenter <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 02:46:02 +0200

Hi Grigory,
Am 04.06.2010 02:03, schrieb Grubsky Grigory:
> Do I understand correctly that these are two identical but independent things: separate libssh2.dsp and tuple libssh2.dsw with libssh2_lib.dsw, libssh2_dll.dsw and tests.dsp?
> If yes then I think one libssh2.dsp is more kosher than two libssh2_XXX.dsp.
> Is there any news about using of CMake in libssh2?
please check if this works now (hopefully the commit was early enough to
make it into this night's snap:;a=commitdiff;h=a4fdf0de015135cb58852d04505bbe240c96bc69


Received on 2010-06-10