Subject: Re: MIgration from libssh

Re: MIgration from libssh

From: Antenore Gatta <>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 17:42:58 +0200

On Thu, 1 Sep 2016 13:52:32 +0200 (CEST)
Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Aug 2016, Antenore Gatta wrote:
> > We are considering the possibility to move away from libssh and
> > migrate all of our libssh code to libssh2.
> >
> > As reference we were using the comparison page on your site, but it
> > looks really outdated.
> So what in particular looks outdated? We could possibly try to
> address those specific concerns if you articulate them.

Mainly it was just a feeling because it wasn't updated since 2015 (at
that time there were only minor fixes).

Looking at it, without reading the changelogs (my bad), it sounds like
libssh support more kex than libssh2, on the contrary libssh2, now,
it's much more compliant.

The same for the others (host key, etc).

Now you support CMake as well, but you say in the comparison that you

From my point of view, it's better to don't have a comparison at all
that having one the put libssh2 behind libssh (otherwise I wouldn't be
here :-) ), also the other way around wouldn't be good (stating libssh
is better than libssh2)

I don't promise anything, but as I need this comparison to actually
move to libssh, I could try to rewrite it myself.

> There's that pull request from a libssh contributor that I've never
> merged ( but I think there's a
> value for our users if we keep that comparison accurate and honest.

It doesn't bring anything special that PR, you can blindly merge it,
but the whole comparison need a re-factoring.

> > Do you please have any advices for us? Do you have any experience
> > on these kind of migrations?
> I've not seen any users write about such experiences before so I'm
> afraid that's a road not very frequently travelled.

I even saw the other way around.
I'll be the first, maybe? We will see.

> Once upon the time I castually followed the libssh development a bit,
> but that was many years ago and I was never much into how their API
> worked anyway.

I think it didn't change that much...

> > There are also some features we are interested with, like support
> > for ~/ssh/config files parsing (I know it's openssh only), FIDO
> > U2F, that at the moment you are not supporting, if I'm not wrong,
> > and I was wondering if these are in your todo list.
> We don't really have a TODO or a roadmap as a project but simply
> depend on what people and contributers want to work on and submit to
> us for inclusion.
> But there's hardly any secret that there aren't that many developers
> who actually work on improving libssh2 day to day and we have quite a
> few outstanding bugs and pull requests now that could really use more
> attention.
> config parsing and fido u2f sound like decent things to support and
> if someone would provide code for them, I pretty sure they will be
> welcome.

My C kung fu is quite depressive, but I'm not shy nor ashamed of trying
to submit a patch/PR if I'll ever be able to produce one.

Thanks for now...
I'll be back in some days, the time to dive in all of this, and if you
have anything to add I'll be glad to read your comments.

Kind Regards


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