Subject: Platforms with lengthy disconnection timeouts

Platforms with lengthy disconnection timeouts

From: Philippe Lemoine <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 21:19:45 +0000


We are using libssh2 1.2.4 with libCurl 7.18.2.

What is the best approach to make libssh2 react very quickly upon a physical disconnection, in the case the platform on which we are running don`t detect those events immediately on the socket level?

We have some workaround where, at the moment a fault is detected through another online service (i.e. caused by a failed heartbeat): we pre-emptively call closesocket() on the channel on which the transfer is in progress. We confirmed with engineers of this platform (Sony PS3) that it is expected that the comm layer does not react quickly.

However, as our customer reported, the transfer still attempt to resume if the cable pulled is between the wall and the router. So, is there a way to configure libssh2 or libcurl to react accordingly? Is there something I am missing?


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Received on 2011-01-12