Subject: Re: AES-CTR not available upon configure ibssh2 1.2.6

Re: AES-CTR not available upon configure ibssh2 1.2.6

From: Aris Adamantiadis <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 22:43:17 +0200


Thanks for the good laugh !


A. Mark a écrit :
> Ok, I can be more specific. The 128KB buffer to be sent should be
> encrypted with asymetric encryption preferably AES-256 or equal. It
> would be also necessary to authenticate the hosts before sending this
> data.The data would ideally be sendable both ways, but only one way
> per application run and only once. Basically the data sent are
> symmetric keys for a stream cipher that the apps will be using
> subsequently. I'm using Gcrypt to generate secure memory buffers for
> the 128KB initial data to be sent but gcrypt does not provide an api
> to secure sockets. So, I was thinking either openssl or polarssl, or
> the libssh2 approach (direct tcp-ip). And yes it did occur to me that
> setting up the above with SSL / TLS libs is a pain because i have to
> worry about certificates and i don't really know enough about those
> things. I hope this is enough info...Thank you!
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