Subject: 1.9.1 release + call for maintainers

1.9.1 release + call for maintainers

From: Will Cosgrove <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 10:43:08 -0700

Hi All,
There as been a handful of good fixes since the 1.9.0 release so I’m putting out a call for a 1.9.1 release soon. Please test master with your projects and get those bugs in and/or touch any PRs and issues that you’d like landed for 1.9.1.

Also, I’d like to see active members volunteer for a maintainer roles. Right now it seems like I’m the only one landing anything, which isn't good for a number of reasons. I’d like to see new active maintainers for the libgcrypt, mbedTLS and WinCNG backends. We get PRs on these backends but there isn’t anyone actively testing and landing those commits. If you’d like to be a maintainer, let me or bagder know and we’ll get you added to the project.


Received on 2019-10-14