Subject: compiled version of libssh2 for windowns 32bit

compiled version of libssh2 for windowns 32bit

From: Toan Pham via libssh2-devel <>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2017 18:28:42 -0400


I am using an unknown version of libssh2 on windows 32bit.
libssh2_version(0) does not return anything so I do not know the exact
version, the windows shared library was given to me by a friend.....I guess
it is about 3 years old.

The problem that I am experiencing is that when I use libssh2 in qt timer
loop, often time, I would get error -41 while reading data from an active
channel. If I were to put the nonblock function call
(libssh2_channel_read) in a event loop, not qtimer, everything would work
OK. I am not sure if libssh2 is thread safe. One post I read from, says that libssh2 for windows
must be compiled with the -threaded option to make it useable in windows.
I've been pulling my hair over this issue because I really do not know if I
got a foobar version of libssh.dll.

Unfortunately, I do not have visual studio and do not want to go through
the process of compiling the library w/ mingw for windows. I would like to
know if anyone here can send me the latest pre-compiled version of
libssh2.dll for win-32bit. Or if you know why I got the -41 in windows,
please share. BTW, the same application compiled for Linux-amd64 worked



Received on 2017-05-08