Subject: [libssh2] [Moderate] New Ticket: Cougar Dating: Important things you need to know Written by: ckyalo

[libssh2] [Moderate] New Ticket: Cougar Dating: Important things you need to know Written by: ckyalo

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#0: Cougar Dating: Important things you need to know Written by: ckyalo
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 Age is nothing but a number, so the popular old saying goes. And when it
 comes to cougar dating this can be very true.

 It is also true that there are plenty of very exciting and interesting
 older women out there. And most have the kind of sexual appetite that many
 men crave for because they do not find it in younger women.

 That is why plenty of younger men have been totally hooked to cougars and
 have ended up never wanting to consider anything else as far as dating
 goes. And fortunately for them, it has even gotten better because this is
 no longer a social taboo frowned on by society. Thanks in part to the
 widely publicized celebrity matches of older women with younger men, it
 now seems a much more acceptable scenario to most.

 However before you rush in it is important to understand a few things
 about dating older women.
 You will need to act mature
 Remember that you will need to act like a man. Although in going for
 younger men women are looking for energy, stamina in bed and vibrancy,
 they do not envisage this package coming in an immature boy. In fact in
 many ways this is their nightmare and many of them will tend to get
 impatient with you rather quickly.

 That means that if you are not the mature type you will need to make the
 effort to avoid that part of your personality that sinks into it, at least
 when you are with her.

 Do not get serious about a relationship before she does

 It is best to avoid talking about your feelings and emotions for her, more
 so initially as you start to date. A vast majority of older women are in
 such a relationship to enjoy what they can get without hurrying things
 along too fast. Remember that she comes into the relationship with a lot
 more experience than you. Focus on enjoying your moments together and her
 company and let the longer term issues comfortably work themselves out
 with time.

 Your sexual appetite and stamina are important
 Chances are that you have had problems with younger women and sex.
 Everybody knows that women tend to reach their sexual peak much later than
 men and so dating a cougar could be the perfect answer to your earlier
 problems in the bedroom. However be also prepared for surprises, like her
 wanting to take charge and so if you are sensitive about this, you will
 need to prepare yourself for the adjustments.

 Understand that women who are over 30 crave sex much more and therefore it
 will be a good idea for you to play up your sexual stamina and meet what
 could easily end up being a challenge. It is said that women this age want
 and crave sex more than a teenage boy. And so you can begin to appreciate
 what you may be up against.

 Intelligent conversation will make her like you more
 The last thing most older women want is a mere sex machine or toy with no
 brains, even if they say so to their friends sometimes. If this is all you
 are then you can be sure that she will get bored with you rather quickly.
 Going out of your way to have intelligent conversation will be a great
 help to the relationship. Just like you would with a younger date, find
 out what interests her and do some research so that she gets to really
 enjoy your conversations.

 And don’t just talk about her. Also remember that your own goals, ambition
 and drive are things that can also turn her on.
 Older women treasure honesty even more
 All women treasure honesty but older women even more. And remember that
 she will be much harder to fool because experience is on her side and
 chances are that she will have built a gut feeling over the years that
 will be very difficult to fool. Bottom line she will be able to see
 through your lies and half truths much faster than a younger less
 experienced woman. And so if you are the type that has no qualms about
 telling small lies, remember that this seemingly small issue could easily
 ruin your relationship before it even starts.

 That means also being totally honest with your compliments and praise and
 everything that you say. Do not try to just flatter. Instead focus on what
 you genuinely like and enjoy in the relationship and do not overboard with
 exaggerated praise.

 Discussing age
 Don’t talk about the age difference, instead focus on doing things that
 make her feel like a young girl. Remember that she is well aware of your
 age difference, more than you will ever appreciate.

 Beware of the guilt in her
 Even if she likes you, most older women will tend to feel some kind of
 guilt about your age difference. Be sensitive to this by patiently
 pursuing her and charming her. Never let impatience get the better of you
 if this ends up happening in your relationship with an older woman. This
 is because in most cases she will eventually feel comfortable enough to
 really open up to you and go ahead with the relationship.

 Never let her catch you looking at younger women
 Older women will tend to be paranoid and extremely sensitive about you
 admiring younger women. Thios is because they will tend to constantly
 think about you leaving them for a younger woman. It is therefore very
 important that she never catches you looking at a younger woman.

 Her Health and what it means
 If she is between the age of 45 and 55 chances are high that she will be
 approaching menopause. This is the time of mood swings and her emotions
 are generally impacted dramatically. This can also bring anxiety and
 memory loss and so you will need to be prepared to deal with all this. But
 as they say, love conquers all.

 Is she looking for a fling?
 Many cougars are only looking for a fling rather than a long term
 relationship. It is therefore a good idea to decide what you really want
 before it gets to the serious phase. Do not be so old fashioned as to make

 Cougar dating has proved to be very satisfying and fulfilling to many
 young men, however it is important that you approach these kind of
 relationships intelligently taking note of some of the important issues
 that have been pointed out in this article.

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