Subject: Re: energy boost?

Re: energy boost?

From: Jeroen Wiert Pluimers <>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 13:00:22 +0100

Thanks Daniel for all your efforts so far.

I understand your position and know how tough contributing over a long time
can be.

For the foreseeable time I need to limit my open source contribution
efforts to a combination that satisfies:

- occasional sprees of effort
- areas that I'm either already comfortable with or are in close-term need
(note: I'm willing to learn new things outside my comfort zone, but doing
that well takes time which I need to fit in)
- aim for the Windows side of things focussed on Visual Studio and/or
Delphi tool-chains
- fit in my day-to-day life involving more and more family care
- don't interfere with the preparations for the 4-yearly World Music
Contest mid next year (my marching band has been in the world top-10 for
like 3 decades which each time is a sort of Herculean effort but worth it
as counter-weight to my computing efforts)

I've sort of promised to help Bert with efforts in the direction of

My short to medium term aim is to get libssh2 to build as a monolithic
Windows DLL (x86 needed, x64 nice to have) with as much ciphers as possible
as it's on
without any build instructions.

Almost everything I do that's sort of publicly usable eventually appears on
the existing open source repository my, blog, or

I try to push things as much upstream as I can since forks are the achilles
heel of Open Source (though I get the emotional side of many forks, I
learned that those take away too much energy so I try to get over
them/ignore/whatever as much as possible. Sorry if/when people find that an

Recent contributions have been incidental but broad and include:


It shows the dilemma I'm in, hence the occasional sprees.


On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 11:38 AM, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> Hi friends,
> We've been stalling in this project lately[1]. We get pull requests and
> issues filed, but they mostly just accumulate without being dealt with. I
> am of course personally guilty of this neglect but I'm not alone.
> I'm interested in hearing what you all think we can do to up our game.
> I've spent almost exactly ten years in this project and I've done 769
> source code commits to date, but these days libssh2 is not a priority in my
> life anymore. I don't plan to run away or hide, but I am interested in
> seeing others step up their game to help driving the project forward so
> that I can remain in a backseat position without having the project suffer.
> [1] =
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