Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add single --with-crypto= instead of --with-$backend:s

Re: [PATCH] Add single --with-crypto= instead of --with-$backend:s

From: Kamil Dudka <>
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2016 14:04:04 +0100

On Monday, October 31, 2016 13:23:42 Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hi Kamil,
> Thanks a lot for testing this!
> Kamil Dudka wrote:
> > The patch does not apply on the current upstream master branch, so I
> > tested
> > the withcrypto branch at (68b330d2).
> Yes - it applies on top of the handful simple fixes in my simple180
> branch, which I posted before. Sorry, should have made that more clear.
> > Basic crypto backend selection seems to work.
> >
> > --with-crypto=auto works fine for OpenSSL but does not work for libgcrypt:
> >
> > $ ./configure --with-crypto=auto
> > [...]
> > configure: ERROR: No openssl crypto library found!
> > configure: error: Required dependencies are missing!
> Good find - I believe libgcrypt was actually successfully detected by
> the tests, but the end logic needs a little fixing. Patch attached.

Looks good. I can confirm that the patch fixes the problem. Thanks!

> > As a side note, the --with-libssl-prefix option did not take any
> > effect but it seems unrelated to your patch.
> Oh! How did you notice that it does not take effect, and how did you
> deal with that instead, if you need it?

Good question. My previous testing was just wrong. I installed OpenSSL
by 'make install DESTDIR=/tmp/usr' and afterwards configured libssh2 by
'./configure --with-crypto=openssl --with-libssl-prefix=/tmp/usr', which
was incorrect because OpenSSL was actually installed into /tmp/usr/usr.
After fixing this discrepancy, everything works as expected. Sorry for
the noise!


> The --with-x-prefix options are a bit unrelated; they are created and
> supposed to be handled by AC_LIB_HAVE_LINKFLAGS, but they are related
> because they deal with library finding, so I'd like to know more
> about the problem you found. If you have config.log from a problem
> run maybe you can send it to me. (Maybe off-list if it's large.)
> Thanks again
> //Peter
Received on 2016-11-01