Subject: Re: [RELEASE] libssh2 1.6.0

Re: [RELEASE] libssh2 1.6.0

From: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 22:30:02 +1000

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 09:10:19AM +0200, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Hi team!
> I'm happy to tell that I've just tagged, packaged and uploaded libssh2
> 1.6.0
> to the site

Thanks !! I've been building libssh2 on MS Windows (using MinGW ports of gcc
in the MSYS shell) for quite a few years now - and it's still building
It's also a delight to use.
Please don't ever remove the autotools build capability - as some projects
are doing, in favour of cmake. (Add cmake capability by all means if you
want, but please keep the autotools option in place.)

It's a bit unusual, but I build *static* libssh2.a for windows.
I therefore need to remove all occurrences of -DLIBSSH2_WIN32 from the
configure script prior to running configure (as that define pertains only to
dynamic builds).
I also find that I need to prefix the one occurrence of '-lws2_32' (in the
configure script) with ' -lgdi32' prior to running configure.

The need to make those changes is something that could possibly be fixed at
some time in the future.
But I'm not at all fussed about that, as making them is very trivial and
requires little effort on my part.


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