Subject: Re: bad username/password auth to Mac OS X/FreeBSD hosts.

Re: bad username/password auth to Mac OS X/FreeBSD hosts.

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 18:51:03 +0200

B Harder wrote:
> I'm certainly _not_ beyond finding out the problem is with my code

It is. Your code is only capable of one authentication algorithm out
of the several supported by the protocol.

> -- but I'm pretty curious how I can successfully (repeatedly)
> connect to some "class" of hosts, but not others.

Learn more about the protocol so that you can make informed decisions
about what parts you must implement and what parts are optional.

Mikhail already pointed out exactly what the problem at hand is, and
libssh2 supports keyboard-interactive without problems. The sftp.c
example is one reference, ssh2.c is another reference. Both implement
keyboard-interactive and ssh2.c is slightly shorter.

> Otherwise, I take it there are no known issues regarding FreeBSD/Mac
> OS X?

There are no issues.

> (I wouldn't be surprised if their code/network stack is very
> closely related

This has nothing to do with the network stack and is a matter of your
client not doing everything neccessary to interoperate correctly with
arbitrary SSH server configurations.

Received on 2014-05-29