Subject: Re: libssh2_scp_recv is not populating struct stat

Re: libssh2_scp_recv is not populating struct stat

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 16:01:48 +0200

Ever wrote:
> I found that the libgcrypt-1.5.0 is unsuited to libssh2

I think the issue requires further investigation.

> [libssh2] 0.386538 Socket: Recved 1040/16384 bytes to 0x502c38+0
> [libssh2] 0.390496 Socket: Sent 16/16 bytes at 0x506c78
> [libssh2] 0.390539 Failure Event: -37 - Unable to exchange encryption keys
> [libssh2] 0.390736 Socket: Recved 32/16384 bytes to 0x502c38+0

The above does not indicate an error. -37 means that some
communication has not yet completed, so the call to libssh2
should be attempted again.

~/src/libssh2 $ git grep -- -37|cat
include/libssh2.h:#define LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN -37

Please try to use some of the example programs included with libssh2.
They should work just fine. If they do not work then let's find the

libgcrypt has one known limitation. libssh2 can not use
passphrase-protected private SSH keys for authentication, if built
with libgcrypt. Using such keys is only possible when built with
OpenSSL. Everything else should work.

Received on 2012-10-10