Subject: Re: Extra characters "^@" (5E 40) in VT emulation

Re: Extra characters "^@" (5E 40) in VT emulation

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 14:28:15 +0200

Gerhard Marx wrote:
> Rather frequently we see 2 extra character "^@" (5E 40) on the screen. In
> the libssh2 trace I see these 2 characters coming from the UNIX host, in
> most cases coming as a separate transport paket containing just these 2
> characters (libssh2_transport_read() plain (11 bytes)).

The SSH channel is a completely clean 8-bit transport. Neither SSH
client nor server touches the data. So yes, those bytes come from
the software on the server.

> What are we missing or doing wrong?

Check the server side termcap and of course that TERM is set right.

Received on 2012-08-03