Subject: SFTP using libSSH2

SFTP using libSSH2

From: Michal Lev <>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 11:57:13 +0300



I'm using libSSH2 for connecting to remote server with SFTP protocol. I
doing it using Curl that use OpenSSL and libssh2.

I need to know which bug\change causing me to succeed to connect to the
target server, after upgrading the libssh2 version from version 1.1.


When I using curl.exe (7.19.4) and OpenSSL(0.8.9) and LibSSH2(1.1)
I get the error:
curl: (79) Could not open directory for reading: Unknown error in

When trying to connect with curl.exe (7.19.4) and OpenSSL(0.8.9) and
upgrade the LibSSH2(1.2.7\1.4)
I success to connect.


Target Server information:

operating system :OpenVMS.
SSH server : TCPWare
SSH version : SSH2.
Extra info: standard SSH over the standard port


What where the problem in LibSSH2 ver 1.1 ? Is it connected to the
server type I'm using? Or it something else?




Received on 2012-04-29