Subject: Re: libssh2 thread safety

Re: libssh2 thread safety

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 04:45:54 +0200

Jasmeet Bagga wrote:
>> Initiating sessions is not relevant. All use of libssh2 must be
>> synchronized.
> s/initiated/contained/ i.e. all sessions are contained within a
> thread. The other thread does not do anything with libssh2.

Sounds good.

> Only one thread does. However I am getting login failures with
> error message "Failed getting banner".

You need to provide COMPLETE details of your problem. I suggest
enabling tracing and sending the full log to the list.

> it seems the problem went away after compiling with -D_REENTRANT. I
> tried this but it didn't help. Unfortunately I can't access the
> associated ticket as libssh2 trac is down.

Try now.

Received on 2012-04-14