Subject: Re: is libssh2_agent_userauth blocking?

Re: is libssh2_agent_userauth blocking?

From: Ellié Computing Open Source Program <>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 10:38:07 +0100

>From: HenrikNordström
>tor 2011-12-08 klockan 17:19 +0100 skrev Ellié Computing Open Source
>> In order to work correctly, libcurl requires all the API to be non
>> blocking or at least to have some short bounded time, however I
>> suspect that libssh2_agent_??? APIs may have no bounded time (if the
>> user gets a password box).
>Not sure, but probably not supported (yet).
>agent_transact_unix looks like there is some kind of support for
>optimistic non-blocking mode, but it also looks like there is nothing
>that actually sets the agent connection non-blocking.
>agent_transact_pageant (windows) do not look like it's prepared for
>non-blocking use at all.

from what I could read putty/futty sources codes, there is no way to make
SendMessage non blocking, using a win32 thread could do the job.

I am not terribly in a hurry on that subject, any idea if it might be
implemented sooner or later?

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