Subject: Re: writing to channel limited to 2 Mb?

Re: writing to channel limited to 2 Mb?

From: Przemysław Szczygielski <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 11:13:34 +0200

W dniu 11 sierpnia 2011 11:07 użytkownik Daniel Stenberg

> On Thu, 11 Aug 2011, Przemysław Szczygielski wrote:
> Well, it isn't exactly my code, as it is part of a library that is a
>> wrapper
>> to libssh2:
> Ah right. And it looks like libqxt uses a bundled version of libssh2 1.2.6
> so you may in fact be suffering from older bugs too. (Unless you can
> configure it to use an externally provided version.)
> Actualy - yes. It is compiled with libssh2 not older than 2 months, patched
manually by me. BTW - will the callback patches used by libqxt ever
incorporated in libssh2?

> So instead of "return 0" I should call libssh2_session_block_**directions()
>> and wait until either read or write to channel is available, depending on
>> block_directions result?
> Yes, it should. This is of course completely unrelated to this patch as
> that's just how the libssh2 non-blocking API works!
> return LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN instead of 0 won't probably work, as writeData
is overloaded virtual function of QIODevice, I guess...

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