Subject: Re: writing to channel limited to 2 Mb?

Re: writing to channel limited to 2 Mb?

From: Przemysław Szczygielski <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 20:07:48 +0200

> Right, this shows libssh2 only sent 171 bytes due to some reason. Possibly
> if you build debug-enabled and enabling tracing you'll see more details and
> an explanation to why it doesn't send more.
> It almost looks as if there's no window given for the channel from the
> server for libssh2 to use.

So you mean it might be ssh server's fault? Quite likely, this is SSH server
on OpenWRT, it might be somehow limited because of router's limited

> So this also answers your question - after ret is 0 I keep writing
>> packets, but I do this because I discovered only today, that writing to ssh
>> channel fails. So I don't really know what else should I do ;-)
> debug! =)
> OK, how do I enable that besides setting trace to proper flags? The problem
is this is libssh2 inside libqxt network, which outputs its debug output to
Qt Creator. I am able to see debug output of libqxt, but don't see anything
out of libssh2... Also - which flags do you recommend setting?

Received on 2011-08-10