Subject: error checking question

error checking question

From: Mark Roden <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:04:12 -0700

Hi all,

I have a question regarding error checking. I'm using libssh2 with a
Qt wrapper to pull files from a remote directory. Every once in a
while, the files (which are jpegls compressed) fail to uncompress.
We're trying to debug this problem, and I'm wondering if there are any
ways to check to see if a file failed to transfer properly. Should I
be doing things like CRC checking, or does that happen automatically?
The library is not reporting a failure, and as far as I can see, no
error codes are set, or at least, the downloading code is all working
and continues to pull all files. Out of a set of 65 files, maybe 1
will be corrupted like this, but it's only happening 1 in 500 or so

Is there any chance that libssh2 could be responsible for this issue?
Is there a verbose checking mode, or is checking for transfer success
automatically done?

Received on 2011-07-20