Subject: libssh2_channel_read hangs when no data to read

libssh2_channel_read hangs when no data to read

From: Phillip Wu <>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 12:38:52 +1100


I having a problem with libssh2_channel_read hanging when there is no data to read.

I am using visual c++ 2010 Express and the libssh2 1.2.7 compiled using mingw.

This is what I have done:
1. Created a socket to the host (socket is blocked I/O)
2. Start a session
3. Authenticate user
4. Start a channel
5. Request pty (vanilla)
6. libssh2_channel_exec("passwd")
Read from the channel(after changing to non-block) as follows (I got most of the code from ssh2_exec example):

static int waitsocket(int socket_fd, LIBSSH2_SESSION *sessioni, int timetowait)
    struct timeval timeout;
    int rc;
    fd_set fd;
    fd_set *writefd = NULL;
    fd_set *readfd = NULL;
    int dir;
    timeout.tv_sec = timetowait;
    timeout.tv_usec = 0;
    FD_SET(socket_fd, &fd);
    /* now make sure we wait in the correct direction */
    dir = libssh2_session_block_directions(session);
        readfd = &fd;
        writefd = &fd;
    rc = select(socket_fd + 1, readfd, writefd, NULL, &timeout);
    return rc;

int ssh2_read(SOCKET sock, LIBSSH2_SESSION *session, LIBSSH2_CHANNEL *channel, char *buffer, int bufsize, int timeout) {
  int rc;
  char *p;
  u_long mode = 1;
  int status;
  int size;

  /* non blocking */
  status=ioctlsocket (sock, FIONBIO, &mode);
  if (status!=0) return -1;
  for( ;; )

     rc = libssh2_channel_read( channel, p, size);
     if( rc > 0 )
     else {
       fprintf(stderr, "libssh2_channel_read returned %d\n", rc);
       if (rc!=0) return -2;
   while( rc > 0 );

   if( rc == LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN ) rc=waitsocket(sock, session, timeout);
   else break;
  /* non blocking */
  status=ioctlsocket (sock, FIONBIO, &mode);
  if (status!=0) return -1;
  return 0;

Using trace code I found out that I have got from the remote host a prompt to key in the
exisiting password. The code is hanging at libssh2_channel_read(). I am expecting that the read
should come back with 0 bytes read. The waitsocket() code never gets run.

Can someone please help me and tell me how I can fix this problem?
ps. I did try to turn on debugging:
      ./configure -enable_debugging
     and make a call to libssh2_trace(session,~0);
    but nothing came out on stderr

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