Subject: SSHAuth pGina plugin

SSHAuth pGina plugin

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 14:04:57 +0100

Hi Ahmed,

I'm one of the libssh2 developers, and just now I came across your
SSHAuth pGina plugin. Nice!

On I read:

* Known issues
SSHAuth can only authenticate users against SSH servers running on
Linux systems. If you try to authenticate to an SSH servers running
on Solaris or BSD then the plugin might crash. This is due to a bug
in the libssh2 library used by the plugin when the plugin calls the
function: libssh2_session_startup.

Could you tell us more about this bug? Maybe it has been solved
already? If not, we would of course like to know all details so that
we can fix it.

As I am sure you know there is a difference between the password and
the keyboard-interactive authentication methods, and the simplest
libssh2 examples only demonstrate the former, but the library also
supports keyboard-interactive, so the pGina plugin could certainly be
made to work also with non-Linux SSH servers.

Kind regards

Received on 2011-01-04