Subject: Upload via SFTP: Always "Permission Denied"

Upload via SFTP: Always "Permission Denied"

From: Hans Streibel <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:35:32 +0200

I try to upload a file via SFTP by a self-written program
that utilizes the library libssh2.
The client runs on a Windows host.
The server is freeFTPd which runs under Windows, too.

I always get a "permission denied" error as soon as I send
an "open" request to the server. More exactly: As soon
as I call that "open" function in the libssh2 library.

My question is:
Is this an error in libssh2 or in the server?

I do not know whether this "open" request makes its way
to the server or whether the "permission denied" message
is already coming from libssh2.
I switched on tracing in libssh2 and got the impression
that the error is coming from the server. However because I am not
sure I attached a part of that tracefile in the appendix.
The server logfile does not show an error.

I should note that the client runs fine under Linux.
However then the opposite side (server) is not freeFTPd
but sshd from OpenSSH.



Received on 2010-08-31