Subject: SFTP Compression support

SFTP Compression support

From: Ezequiel Ruiz <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 22:18:05 -0300

  Hello guys.

I'm trying to open and read a file by using the SFTP subsystem, and it
works OK by using the sources of any of the sftp examples. But if I try
to set the compression flag enabled with
before calling libssh2_session_startup(), then it fails when opening the
file handler with libssh2_sftp_open(), It can connect and authenticate
without problem, but it can't open that file. If I query the last error,
it reports a "-1" (I think it is LIBSSH2_ERROR_SOCKET_NONE). But the
most intresting thing is, that if instead of opening an sftp file handle
I try to open and use a channel, then it works OK, and compression makes
the transfer really faster than without compression.
SO, the question is: Is the LIBSSH2_METHOD_COMP_SC flag supported for
the sftp subsystem?, perhaps I'm doing something wrong?.

Thanks in advance for the answer.


Received on 2010-08-27