Subject: Re: Mailing list practice and libssh2 education

Re: Mailing list practice and libssh2 education

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 14:43:25 +0200

Paresh Thakor wrote:
> Not hijacked the question man..!

Yes, you did hijack the email thread. The term means to send a reply
to an email discussion about a new topic. You did this. The original
discussion was about tcpip-forward channels. You replied and wrote
(again) about your key problem on iPhone. These two are unrelated

> By the way, other sources are better than this, cause here people
> only wastes time in teaching manners rather than helping and
> solving problems. Don't maintain mailing lists if you can't help
> someone, this is to help and show your ideas to each other.

The problem is that you have been asking for the wrong kind of help.

This mailing list is for libssh2, not for iPhone application
development nor for Windows nor Mac OS development. It is very much
assumed that anyone asking questions here is already very confident
in their working environment, and that they have run into some
problem only for using libssh2.

With your previous questions you have demonstrated that you are *not*
really confident and efficient at software development in the
environment of your current project, which means that you will not
likely be able to ask the relevant questions about libssh2, which
means that the mailing list participants would have to spend a large
amount of time on educating you about things that have nothing to do
with libssh2. We don't have time for this.

You have to do that on your own, and return when you are better
prepared to make use of this project.

The email discussion hijacking is the same problem. Mailing lists
are meant to be used only in a certain way, which may require
detailed technical knowledge about email systems, which not everyone
has. Those who lack that knowledge often do not use mailing lists
correctly, and again it's not the point of the mailing list to
educate about mailing lists. This is a chicken and egg problem, but
basically again there's just no time to educate you.

As you know from the license of libssh2, there is *NO* guarantee or
promise of education. You have to do that on your own.

I wrote a longer version on this topic on the coreboot mailing list:

I understand that it may be difficult to make use of libssh2 in a
new project in a new development environment, but that is
fundamentally not our problem. I'm sorry, but you have to solve that
on your own.

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