Subject: SecKeyGeneratePair + remote login

SecKeyGeneratePair + remote login

From: Paresh Thakor <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 15:53:18 +0530

Atlast I got some boost from and got public/private key pair.
I'm using "" from apple sample code.

I've copied

from apple's developer website. But my question is that I need to feed filepath to libssh2_userauth_publickey_fromfile() function so I can use my public/private key for remote login with authenticated host. So, i get public/private key and temporarily write this key into "Documents" folder in application's folder. Then I pass the path to these public/private keys to the above function, but it fails, it returns -1.

I'm sure that my public key and authorize_keys2 on remote server both have same content, then also i'm getting error like -1, so, ssh connection fails. My point of view is from developer not user's. Am I using proper way to generate public/private key pair for iPhone device using the above function or I need to work for other function? Please let me know if you have any suggestion. I need to have success for this application.

Paresh Thakor.

Received on 2010-08-17