Subject: SSH-keygen in iPhone

SSH-keygen in iPhone

From: Paresh Thakor <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 16:58:44 +0530

> Hi,
> Does anyone know how can we generate ssh public/private key pair in iPhone..? Like, TouchTerm?
> I'm trying to implement RSA key generation for iPhone..! Lots of searches result into SSH-KEYGEN command, but we can't use such commands on iPhone SDK, they're not working on iPhone device... I've tested lots of code. I've also checked ssh-keygen.c from openssl but not able to find any proper help.
> Can someone suggest me which way i should go? Is this iPhone SDK dependant, openssl or libssh2 problem? I'm using libssh2 library for SSH connection, please help me off the issue, this is driving me crazzy.
> Regards,
> Paresh Thakor.

Received on 2010-08-16