Subject: Re: compile under win32 using gnu toolchain?

Re: compile under win32 using gnu toolchain?

From: Guenter <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 02:41:01 +0200

Am 07.08.2010 07:26, schrieb Toan Pham:
> I try to compile libssh2 for windows using mingw and gnu gcc compiler
> under windows xp.
> Because libssh2 depends on libgcrypt or openssl, which also depends on
> liberror (something i forgot at the moment. I am curious if anyone
> has compiled it in windows using gcc tools before? i had some problem
> compiling liberrorcode, i think i was missing a dependency check
> utility (depmon). would someone give me some pointers on compiling
> it. thank you.
beside what Simon posted for gnutls the libssh2 release have also a
MingW32 makefile in ./win32 folder which is desgined for OpenSSL usage;
you just need to point to your OpenSSL build (either edit the makefile,
or overwrte OPENSSL_PATH with env var), and do a 'make' in the win32
folder; no autotools / MSYS needed, just plain MingW32 gcc.


Received on 2010-08-13