Subject: Re: Authentication using public/private key

Re: Authentication using public/private key

From: Alexander Lamaison <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 12:17:03 +0100

On 10 August 2010 11:36, Paresh Thakor <> wrote:
> We're trying to implement public/private key authorization using our iPhone application. I've tried and setup public/private key files using ssh-keygen command. I've these two files on my iPhone in .ssh/, .ssh/id_rsa.
> I'm implementing libssh2 for ssh implementation for my iPhone application. If anyone good to this, please let me know how can i put these files and where to put them?

This list is not the appropriate place to ask questions about the
iPhone filesystem. Come back to us when you have a libssh2 question.


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