Subject: Authentication using public/private key

Authentication using public/private key

From: Paresh Thakor <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 16:06:02 +0530


We're trying to implement public/private key authorization using our iPhone application. I've tried and setup public/private key files using ssh-keygen command. I've these two files on my iPhone in .ssh/, .ssh/id_rsa.

I'm implementing libssh2 for ssh implementation for my iPhone application. If anyone good to this, please let me know how can i put these files and where to put them? In documents directory for iPhone application? Or how can we access these files globally? I've tried few tricks but each of them failed. Please let me know how can i implement public/private key authorization.

Paresh Thakor.
Received on 2010-08-10