Subject: libssh2, winsshd, SFTP, and publickey login

libssh2, winsshd, SFTP, and publickey login

From: <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:43:38 -0500

(I apologize if this double posts.)

Can anybody tell me if there is a trick to getting the key format right,
so I can use cUrl/libssh2 to do an SFTP transfer to/from a winsshd
server with a username and publickey? I have a key that works with
putty's psftp, and I've tried several ways to convert it with the
puttygen tool, but the best I can get out of winsshd (via event log) are
things like ...

                Logon attempt 1 for user name 'test' with logon method
'publickey' (algorithm: '-----BEGIN', public key MD5:
2f:97:f3:92:54:28:b2:25:50:b9:51:8e:4d:8f:a8:e8, test only) failed: The
received public key algorithm name is unsupported or doesn't match the
algorithm encoded in the public key.

We've upgraded to the latest version of winsshd, and I've tried libssh2
v1.0 and v1.2.6. Winsshd support basically just tells us to switch to a
better tool.


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