Subject: Re: Remote Terminal with iPhone SDK

Re: Remote Terminal with iPhone SDK

From: Paresh Thakor <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 14:51:55 +0530

And if i unveil a bit more than mobile terminal is file-based, constantly updating terminal file and o/p data from it. And libssh is not file based not constantly updating any selected file, so, can we make this file-based, so, o/p from libssh can be buffered in selected file? So, we can get the o/p from that selected file?

Is this possible?

On Jul 15, 2010, at 2:17 AM, Peter Stuge wrote:

> Hi again,
> Paresh Thakor wrote:
>> After close inspection and debugging methods, we've come to know that
>> the application doesn't use libssh. It uses built-in terminal (TTY)
>> through files. Like, dumping all commands and o/p in a file.
> The terminal emulator is a very significant piece of code and it is
> the only thing that solves your problem. Use mobileterminal or
> another terminal emulator that fits your environment.
>> And the code is written with fully integration with other classes,
>> so, generally very time consuming to get it work for our application.
> Re-purposing the terminal emulator in mobileterminal is *surely*
> *much* less time consuming than implementing your own terminal
> emulator.
>> I tried to use libssh2 for the application with a try. But not able
>> to parse the output because output in mobile terminal comes from
>> dumped file which is not the case for libssh2.
> So what? You have the source code, write some glue that connects the
> two together. Forget about the files. The terminal emulator part of
> mobileterminal is the kind of code that you need to solve your
> problem.
>> i've tried to decode o/p from libssh2 command execution but not
>> very easy to make it done.
> Of course the output does not come from libssh2 - SSH is a clean
> transport that never influences the data being sent.
> It is difficult for you to decode output from commands which expect
> to be connected to a terminal, because you are not a terminal, and
> because you are not using a terminal emulator.
> Use a terminal emulator, whose purpose is to understand the output
> from commands that expect to be connected to a terminal.
>> libssh2 command execution as it's because it's working in my
>> application.
> Just trying to reuse the decoding functionality for the app, so, i
> can make the o/p to be displayed on the screen (UIView).
> UIView is most likely completely useless as a terminal widget. My
> guess is that you would get the best result from using mobileterminal
> or another complete terminal emulator which is already implemented on
> your platform.
>> Could you please suggest me something so i can reuse for my
>> application?
> No I can not! Why should I? I have no iPhone and I don't develop
> iPhone apps. This is the libssh2 mailing list, not a mailing list
> about terminal emulators for the iPhone.
> I did one search on looking for a terminal emulator for
> iphone and I found the mobileterminal project *immediately*. It looks
> to me like mobileterminal solves the bulk of your problem. What
> remains is for you to produce some glue code between the terminal
> emulator and libssh2.
> Obviously you did not bother to do the same search.. I'm sure you can
> understand that this makes me very unmotivated to help you any
> further.
>> I am somewhat stuck with the application, due to VI and nano
>> editior commands and top command as well..!
> Too bad. You need a terminal emulator, mobileterminal looked like a
> good fit, but if you are unable to use it then you should of course
> search for an alternative. This mailing list is not a good place to
> search, since this mailing list is about the libssh2 project, which
> really is quite independent from terminal emulators.
> Good luck.
> //Peter
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