Subject: SFTP and libssh

SFTP and libssh

From: Paul Romero <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 00:43:47 -0700

Dear Group:

I would like your opinion about using libssh2 for non-blocking
SFTP file transfers. I need to send files to another system
with SFTP but do not need to send multiple files concurrently
or anything like that. However, it is important for
me not to be blocked during a long file transmission.

I am able to do this fairly well with libcurl but I suspect it
uses more memory and resources than libssh2 because it is
designed for more sophisticated tasks. Do you think using libssh2
would work without too much difficulty ?

Best Regards,

Paul R.

Paul Romero
RCOM Communications Software
Phone/Fax: (510)339-2628
Received on 2010-07-09