Subject: SSH & SFTP: Passphrase Problem

SSH & SFTP: Passphrase Problem

From: Paul Romero <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 00:35:47 -0700

Dear Group:

I previously posted this problem to the libcurl group and after
considering it, think it might actually be a libssh problem.

The general problem is that if my private key is encrypted--with
a passphrase, I can't complete authentication with the SSH
server using libssh. The situation is similar to the normal
Linux scenario where ssh-add is used to automatically
supply the passphrase for non-interactive applications.

Some details are as follows: I am using the libcurl
curl_easy_set_opt() routine with CURLOPT_KEYPASSWD
to pass the passphrase with no special syntax. I receive
error code 67 and the diagnostic:
"SSH public key authentication failed: Unable to initialize
private key from file"

Do you have any insight about this problem ?

Best Regards,

Paul R.

Paul Romero
RCOM Communications Software
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Received on 2010-07-09