Subject: Re: agent support

Re: agent support

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 22:38:26 +0200

Thomas Stover wrote:
> If I connected to a ssh server on a windows computer that supported
> agent forwarding, with a forwarded agent, then executed a libssh2
> program on that windows machine - would it be able to use the agent
> from the first computer?
> I'll take a guess and answer my own question. In cygwin perhaps it
> would work fine using the emulated unix domain sockets, but a
> native windows build of libssh2 would probably not have a way to do
> it.

Your guess is basically correct. However, when the agent support was
first added I asked for the exact details of how that unix socket is
emulated in Cygwin and got a good explanation for it. It's not
trivial to implement, but it's certainly possible for a native win32
libssh2 to "reach" an emulated unix socket "inside" Cygwin.

> (unless openssh on windows supports such a mechanism

Which OpenSSH on Windows do you refer to? There is the one port by
the guys in Italy, but it still has a number of caveats. Last time I
needed to deploy SSH on Windows I just used Cygwin.

> [oh well just another reason I wish there was a more hacker
> oriented ssh server])

What would you like to have? I guess you already looked at dropbear?

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