Subject: RE: Crash in embedded system

RE: Crash in embedded system

From: Mark Smith <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 14:51:03 +0100

Daniel wrote:

> Any chance you can backtrack how the packet_length got so
> weird? I suspect that is a reason for the following weirdness.

Line 444 gets packet_length from the buffer, so I'm guessing it's failed
before that line. I don't know what's supposed to happen or where the value
is actually supposed to come from, whether it's later in the same buffer or
different buffer content entirely. Isn't there supposed to be further
content following the server ident before this point?

I can add some debug message(s) in and re-run but I need to know what to
look for. Is it possible to redirect trace messages to a callback or direct
to a file?

Mark Smith 
Received on 2010-06-14