Subject: Re: multiple exec

Re: multiple exec

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 09:12:22 +0100

Hi A,

A. Mark wrote:
> How do I not top post,

Please read these two pages:

> I've been trying to just simply reply to you ?

Mailing lists, at least for open source projects, tend to require
extensive trimming and inline replying. That is because this is
considered by most to be the most efficient method by far for using
email, and many people who read and post on mailing lists process
hundreds of emails every day - so it had better be efficient.

Conversely, the act of not trimming and not replying in a clear
manner could be considered rude on purpose, although it is usually
taken to simply be because the poster hasn't yet seen the reasons to
do anything other than what their email software might suggest.

Especially on a mailing list with potentially hundreds or thousands
of readers it makes a lot of sense for those who post to spend some
extra time on writing good messages - in order to save time for
everyone who reads them. :)


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