Subject: Multiple Command executions pipeline

Multiple Command executions pipeline

From: Paresh <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 18:36:58 +0530


I am working on an iPhone application and used libssh2 library to
excute commands on remote host.
Our application is working good to execute simple individual commands
but it is not storing sessions.

I mean, i need help over such issues described below:

mkdir xyz
cd xyz

if I execute this sequence of commands, then, i want it to be executed
like we execute it at terminal. i.e. it must display XYZ as pwd. Our
application displays root directory as PWD.

also, i wanna implement script execution, i.e. if i make a script of
commands, then, it would be executed like the script, at once, i don't
need to execute command one by one.

Please help me, I'm using libssh2.

If anything we can do with libssh2 functions, like, session_init(),
channel, etc?

Thank You
Received on 2010-01-21