Subject: Re: release time?

Re: release time?

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 03:18:06 +0100

Dave McCaldon wrote:
> There's still the fix for incorrect username/password in userauth.c
> that I don't think is in; here's the synopsis:

Thanks for the ping! I hope we can finally solve this now.

Fact: libssh2 does not report password authentication failure.
Fact: libssh2 reports public key authentication failure using the

There seemed to be good consensus that libssh2 should not invent new
error codes but rather stay close to errors in the protocol, and the
SSH Authentication Protocol (RFC4252) does not have method-specific
return codes.

So the problem we are facing is that we should actually rename
LIBSSH2_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED and use that error code for
all failed authentication attempts, regardless of the method used.

Can we do this rename? It means changing the API. We could keep a
backwards-compatible alias define and mark _PUBLICKEY_UNRECOGNIZED
as deprecated, I guess that is as good as it gets?

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