Subject: libssh2_exec read stderr ?

libssh2_exec read stderr ?

From: salsa lover <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 20:00:27 -0800

Ok, so I'm still working on a client app using libssh2, it needs to execute
a remote app on a server and get report back maybe 100 bytes of data couple
times a second from it.
I bumped into two problems, one is that the remote app uses stdout
exculsively and thus it does not put and cannot output any reports to
stdout, so therefore all it's user messages go to stderr. I have not been
able to read anything from stderr via libss2_exec channel. So I'm pondering
what to do.
I'm wondering if there's a way to read stderr, or the best would be if i
could find another way to send some messages back to to the client through
the ssh connection ? Any suggestions, other than writing to a file and
reading it from the client side?

Thank you for all the suggestions so far !


Received on 2010-01-02