Subject: [libssh2] SFTP limitation on file size that can be read?

[libssh2] SFTP limitation on file size that can be read?

From: Satish Mittal <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 23:51:44 +0530

Hi All,

Using libssh2-0.14 in my application, I tried to read a very huge file (~7
GB). However, I noticed that after libssh2 reads ~3.4 GB data, my process
hangs. The sshd/sftp-server process disappears from the remote host.

My guess would be that this "could" be because libssh2 works with size_t
datatype in all sftp read/write calls (alongwith channel+packet layer). The
type size_t would resolve to int (4 bytes, ~4GB) on 32-bit platforms and 8
bytes on 64-bit platforms. Hence even though my application is passing 8
bytes file indices to libssh2, it may not be able to handle them beyond a
point. Once again, just a guess... Can somebody confirm that?

Has anyone else ever got into this scenario? Do you know of any
workarounds/changes to make this work?

Thanks in advance,

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