Subject: [libssh2] ANNOUNCE: libssh2 0.16

[libssh2] ANNOUNCE: libssh2 0.16

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 17:09:11 +0200 (CEST)

Hi friends,

I just now packaged and uploaded libssh2 0.16 to sourceforge:

Changes since previous version include:

    o CRLF stripping fix for PEM reading
    o libssh2_scp_recv() error message fix
    o added HACKING as an initial attempt to describe our source code format
    o new public defines in include/libssh2.h to allow applictions to figure
      out version number etc
    o new script (maketgz) to build releases with
    o updated files for building with MSVC and mingw
    o keyboard-interactive would always fail due to claimed memory problem
    o a few minor memory leaks fixed
    o libssh2_poll() no longer relies on C99 features
    o AIX 4 and 5 now supports non-blocking sockets
    o large file magic checks in configure
    o LIBSSH2_APINO was removed from the public header file

This release would not have been possible without these friendly contributors:

    James Housley, Simon Josefsson, Dan Fandrich, Guenter Knauf and I too did
    some poking. (Sorry if I forgot anyone I should've mentioned here.)

Of course we would have nothing without the great work by Sara Golemon that
we're extending and building upon.

Happy hacking!

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