Subject: [libssh2] Daily snapshots and build log robot

[libssh2] Daily snapshots and build log robot

From: Simon Josefsson <>
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 20:52:35 +0100

Hi all! I have set up for daily snapshots of the CVS to be built and
placed at:

I've also made the script mail the build logs, which automatically
will create the following page:

The page contains build logs with indices for hostname, hosttype,
version, etc. It is work in progress, and suggestions are most

It is easy for anyone to add more build robots that are shown on that
page, simply set up a build robot for libssh2 and e-mail the output
from './configure && make check' to
The following should be sufficient:

(cd /to/your/libssh2/cvs/path &&
cvs upd -A -C &&
autoreconf -fvi &&
./configure &&
make check) | mail

That reminds me, it would be nice if 'make check' in libssh2 actually
did something... for starters, it would make that build status of
'Failure' turn into 'Success'. :) In other words, it would be nice
with some self tests to test that a newly built libssh2 works.

Btw, the above build robot page needed some additional information,
printed by configure, which is achieved by autobuild.m4. I have
installed it in CVS, and made call it. I hope this isn't
a problem for anyone.


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