Subject: [libssh2] pushing local stability/performance patches upstream

[libssh2] pushing local stability/performance patches upstream

From: Mikhail Gusarov <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 13:37:46 +0600


I've recently pushed several patches dangling in our local repository
for a year. Please check don't they break something for you (we use
them on Linux, FreeBSD and MacOSX without problems, but anyway...)

The patches:

* src/packet.c 1.38 - making sure write(2) writes full buffer
  (write(2) has been observed to write only part of buffer on FreeBSD)

* src/packet.c 1.39 - reading bigger blocks from
  network. Significantly improves performance due to lesser syscalls
  (and probably it influences the TCP window changes too). This is a
  temporary measure while libssh2 is mostly synchronous.

* src/packet.c 1.40 - improves detection of closed channel. Without
  this change libssh2 hung when opening and closing many channels in
  single SSH session.

Mikhail Gusarov
Senior Software Engineer
SWsoft, Inc.
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