Subject: Re: [libssh2] Introduction, plans, and some pkg-config problems

Re: [libssh2] Introduction, plans, and some pkg-config problems

From: Sara Golemon <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 09:11:57 -0800

>>> Hello everyone! I'm attempting to port libssh2 to use libgcrypt
>>> instead of OpenSSL.
>> While I agree that adding support for libgcrypt would be nice, I'd
>> really prefer that it didn't replace the existing OpenSSL
>> dependency. I use libssh2 in a Mac OS X environment, where OpenSSL
>> comes already installed. The GNU version would be another
>> dependency I'd have to build and ship with my app. The fact that
>> it's LGPL will also require bundling a dynamic library, whereas
>> libssh2 can currently be static-linked.
>> Perhaps a generic crypto interface is in order, so we could choose
>> the library at compile time?
> I agree that converting would be very bad, but adding the ability to
> choose is good.

I realize my non-participation the past several months hardly gives me
much of a vote, but I do want to third this notion. libssh2 needs to
be buildable without relying on any GPL'd libraries. I know the GPL
crowd has their banners to wave, but those of us in the BSD camp don't
cotton to it's viral habits.

There's some abstraction already built in with the crypt-ops and ralted
methods. We just need to clean the OpenSSL clutter back a layer or two
(which I noticed some of y'all are already doing) and gcrypt should be
able to come in cleanly.

Just my .02USD


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