Subject: Re: [libssh2] Compiling on Solaris 10 64Bit??

Re: [libssh2] Compiling on Solaris 10 64Bit??

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 13:26:24 +0100 (CET)

On Fri, 17 Nov 2006, Heiko Jansen wrote:

> Am I correct to assume, that this patch has not found it`s way to the CVS?
> Because I just tried to compile the current version from CVS and still get
> the same errors (see below).

Correct, this is not yet in CVS.

I intend to commit it, but I would like to get the private include files moved
first, as the patch I made for automake+libtool depends on that and it thus
would save me from having to edit the patch now and then redo the changes
later when/if the headers are moved.

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