Subject: [libssh2] Crash while Key Exchange at libssh2 session startup time!!

[libssh2] Crash while Key Exchange at libssh2 session startup time!!

From: Satish Mittal <>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 22:12:41 +0530

Dear All,

I am using libssh2-0.14 on windows. From my application, when i call
libssh2_session_startup(), my application is randomly (but very frequently)
crashing, reporting 'out of virtual memory'.

The problem is during the DH key exchange phase, when the call to
libssh2_packet_read() is made,

        long buf_len, payload_len; //line 876
        unsigned long packet_length;
        unsigned long padding_length;

        if (should_block) {
            buf_len = libssh2_blocking_read(session, buf, 5);
        } else {
            buf_len = recv(session->socket_fd, buf, 1,
            if (buf_len <= 0) {
                return 0;
            buf_len += libssh2_blocking_read(session, buf, 5 -
buf_len); //line
        if (buf_len < 5) {
            /* Something bad happened */
            return -1; //line 891
        packet_length = libssh2_ntohu32(buf); //line893
        padding_length = buf[4];
    _libssh2_debug(session, LIBSSH2_DBG_TRANS, "Processing plaintext packet
%lu bytes long (with %lu bytes padding)", packet_length, padding_length);

        payload_len = packet_length - padding_length - 1; /*
padding_length(1) */ //line 899
        payload = LIBSSH2_ALLOC(session, payload_len);

Here payload_len is coming out to be a huge number (junk value on stack)
since packet_length in line 893 is junk. This is in turn because in line
887, the libssh2_blocking_read() returns -1. But since buf_len is declared
as an unsigned long, so -1 gets converted to a huge 32bit value, which then
eventually crashes the application.

I have tried editing line 876 to declare buf_len and payload_len as long,
instead of unsigned long. This then in turn returns -1 in line 891 and fails
the libssh2_session_startup() call.

Here is the call stack:
libssh2.dll!libssh2_default_alloc(unsigned int count=3435973631, void * *
abstract=0x0507db28) Line 69 + 0xc C
> libssh2.dll!libssh2_packet_read(_LIBSSH2_SESSION *
session=0x0507db28, int should_block=1) Line 899 + 0x13 C
        libssh2.dll!libssh2_packet_require_ex(_LIBSSH2_SESSION *
session=0x0507db28, unsigned char packet_type='', unsigned char * *
data=0x0630ef38, unsigned long * data_len=0x0630eeec, unsigned long
match_ofs=0, const unsigned char * match_buf=0x00000000, unsigned long
match_len=0) Line 1007 + 0xb C

* session=0x0507db28, bignum_st * g=0x04402410, bignum_st * p=0x0440ffa0,
int group_order=256, unsigned char packet_type_init='', unsigned char
packet_type_reply='', unsigned char * midhash=0x00000000, unsigned long
midhash_len=0) Line 142 + 0x1b C

* session=0x0507db28) Line 604 + 0x24 C
        libssh2.dll!libssh2_kex_exchange(_LIBSSH2_SESSION *
session=0x0507db28, int reexchange=0) Line 1320 + 0xf C
        libssh2.dll!libssh2_session_startup(_LIBSSH2_SESSION *
session=0x0507db28, int socket=2868) Line 342 + 0xb C

Has anyone seen this error before, or know of any hacks/fix to this issue? I
need to fix this urgently, in order to I can proceed ahead.
Any help will be appreciated.


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